Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cell Phone Forwards & Texts - Funny, Flirty, Dirty

Our all new website is dedicated to serve all of your cell phone forwards and text messaging needs. We have been working to bring our customers an entirely new website design to serve you better. We have a huge database of thousands of text messages and cell phone forwards that are waiting to be sent directly to your mobile phone and/or e-mail address and directly to all of your friends. You can even send text messages to cell phones from our site providing that you know the carrier or provider.

With your membership to the website you will have access to the entire database of the cell phone forwards, which is constantly expanding. We have text messages and cell phone forwards ranging from funny jokes to sympathy greeting cards and everything in between. Our cell phone forwards and text messages contain many varieties and types including greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and many others. We also have a huge variety of jokes, funny pictures, adult / dirty pictures and jokes as well.
Do you need to be motivated or enjoy reflecting on inspirational quotes? We also have a huge database of inspirational quotes and religious/bible quotes that you can send to yourself and your friends daily if you wish. We have hundreds of these types of messages to choose from that would allow you to send a different message everyday for over a year!

Why pay several dollars for a greeting card when you can send them from our site for pennies. Our extensive holiday and greeting card category alone contains over one thousand text messages to choose from. Our greeting cards text messages are sub-categorized for nearly every occasion and include everything from Anniversaries and Birthdays to April Fools, Saint Patrick’s Day, Thank You, Sympathy, New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Get Well, Father’s / Mother’s Day and everything in between! The list is so comprehensive we even have Groundhog Day text messages! Sending your next few greetings cards from our site will alone pay for the cost of membership. What do you have to lose.

The following categories are available on our site:


 Don’t want to send them to your phone or your friends phone, no problem, all of our messages can also be sent to any e-mail address you chose as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Send Greeting Cards to Your Cell Phone via SMS MMS

We have recently created a website that will revolutionize the industry.  Come on over and check us out at www.cellphoneforwards.net.  How many times have you received or purchased a greeting card?  I bet the answer is countless times.  How many of the greeting cards that you receive do you still have in your possession?  I bet that answer is next to none or zero.  How many of the cards you send do you think are still lying around someones house?  You get the point.

Instead of wasting all that money on physical greeting cards, why not send them via your cell phone or to a friend or loved ones cell phone.  You can do this directly from our site with greeting card text and images that can be sent directly to your cell phone.  Greeting cards for every occasion and every major holiday can be sent from our site directly to your cell phone or to a friend's cell phone.  The cost to do this is very cheap and reasonable and will only cost pennies per message.  Think of all the money you can save over the next year if you send all of your greeting cards via your cell phone with this convenient service.

The same can be done with jokes, funny pictures, inspirational quotes, bible versus, dirty jokes, flirty messages and many more types of messages that can be sent directly to your cell phone.  Need a daily pick me up or wanna send a daily famous bible verse to your self or a friend?  No problem you can do that from our site easily too!  We have something for everybody!

Today cell phone are like addresses and everybody has them.  Why not take advantage of that fact and let it save you money!  Cell phone SMS & MMS messages are much better than e-cards because they go directly to their cell phone, which everybody carries with them at all times.  There is also no chance that the message will get sent to someones spam or junk folder to be never seen!

Come on and check out the craze sweeping the nation by visiting us at www.cellphoneforwards.net.  Others are already using this medium for sending greeting cards, in fact, you may have received one your self.  Stop wasting money on greeting cards today and send them from our website site to your phone for pennies!!  We have the text messages and forwards  for cell phones in the following categories:

birthday text messages
anniversary text messages
get well soon text messages
mother's day text messages
father's day text messages
holiday messages
Eastertext messages
congratulations text messages
July 4th text messages
labor day text messages
memorial day text messages
thank you text messages
Valentines day text messages
Thanksgiving day text messages
New years text messages
and many more...